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For Infinity and Beyond

For Infinity and Beyond…Timeless Edition…will be released soon!  

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Mothers love their daughters unconditionally, and daughters love their mothers just the same. They have an extraordinary, almost magical bond that flourishes and strengthens as life happens —

     every second,

          of every minute,

               of every hour,

                    of every day.

of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decadeFor Infinity and Beyond! 

            Enjoy this remarkable story of Mom’s enduring love for Kendi and Taye and their sincere gratitude for a rich life filled with amazing, ordinary, yet remarkable experiences. Kendi and Taye’s bond and gratitude for Mom is palpable in their words and expressions, and they develop a deep appreciation for spending time together, creating lifelong memories to hold and treasure For Infinity and Beyond.

            Journey with Kendi and Taye as they discover the valuable life lesson on their journey to motherhood to always remember and never forget to embrace ordinary moments, every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, as these usually are the most spectacular and create memories to collect, remember and treasure — For Infinity and Beyond. 

            Discover how this boundless love of mother and daughter develops an unbreakable, magical bond and instills sincere gratitude that is passed to the next generation and For Infinity and Beyond.

            May it inspire Moms and children everywhere to always remember and never forget to be grateful for and embrace all life experiences that happen every second of every minute of every hour of every day and to say “I Love You” every morning and every night and — For Infinity and Beyond!



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For Infinity and Beyond

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