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Momisms: Life Lessons from a Cool Mom

Discover the power of Momisms—simple sayings with profound meanings—in this enlightening and inspiring book.  Every cool mom knows the value of these pithy phrases, guiding their children through life’s journey with invaluable lessons. Momisms instill virtues, encourage self-expression, inspire personal growth, and foster a sense of self-worth and beauty.

         In Momisms: Life Lessons from a Cool Mom, you’ll find an extensive collection of these empowering sayings, designed to help our children face and conquer life’s challenges.  In this book, you’ll also discover the concept of the Impowerment app—a tool that can provide strength, encouragement, patience, and resilience whenever they need it.  Whether your child is struggling or striving, a Momism will come to their rescue, offering guidance and support.  These invaluable life lessons aren’t just for children; they will also resonate with you, a cool mom, as you navigate your own amazing journey through life.

         Authored by a seasoned cool mom, Momisms: Life Lessons from a Cool Mom offers practical wisdom that will resonate with parents, caregivers, and anyone seeking guidance on their path.  Being a cool mom isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it when you see your children grow into strong, confident, and resilient individuals.

Join this incredible journey of love, wisdom, and personal growth.  Embrace the Momisms that will empower you and your children to create a fabulous life full of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.  From one cool mom to another, let Momisms: Life Lessons from a Cool Mom be your companion on this remarkable adventure called life.


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Momisms: Life Lessons of a Cool Mom

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