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For Infinity and Beyond Customer Reviews

Judi wrote…For Infinity and Beyond is a heartfelt story that carries on the love a mother has for her daughters for generations. Author, Terri Peel Bechtold shares her family traditions and daily activities in this story about love and family. Parents can be reminded of the importance of spending time with their children and always telling them how much they are loved. Why not start with reading this book to them!

Jenn wrote…..An inspiring read for adults (reminding all to show love for, and gratitude to, their children each and every day); Also a great bedtime story for the little ones. 

Mike wrote…..Any parent, but especially those with daughters should read this book. Life is hard, and being a good parent is even harder. For those of us who have made it our life’s work, a book like this reminds us why we do it. We need more parents like us…..

Fran wrote…So as a grandmother sending it to my granddaughter who lives far away…and having my daughter text after reading it to her own daughter and crying with joy.  Does that sum it up?!  What all of us feel for our children but what you so wonderfully captured.

Lydia wrote…Nostalgic and heartwarming.  A reminder of how important the bond is between mothers and children and how quickly time flies!

Gina wrote…Sweet story of a mom and her girls as they grow and experience life’s everyday excitement.  The focus on remembering to always be thankful for the small moments and each other makes it an awesome mother-daughter read!

Odette wrote…It’s full of love.  I have given the book to four different people who have children and they all said the same thing.  It made them cry and have a warm feeling.

Stacy wrote…Touching, heartwarming, loving bond between a mother and her children.

Pat wrote…The book was so wonderful and well written.  Best wishes for continued success in the future.


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