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A New Christmas Tradition…

Start a new tradition this year

that will last for Generations and …..

For Infinity and Beyond!

I want to share an amazing Christmas tradition, one that my Daughters look forward to each year and I hope after reading this, it sparks your interest to make it part of your family Christmas Traditions as well.

First, visit your local bookstore and search for a book that somehow captures the essence of your child’s past year.  Select a book that speaks to you because of the message it conveys, the storyline is similar to an experience you shared with your child, it makes you laugh out loud or even cry with joy, or maybe it is simply your favorite childhood Christmas story.

The only requirement is that the book needs to have a blank page, as this is where you are going to create the best Christmas present ever.  Pick up a good writing pen as well!

Next, between now and Christmas Eve, begin thinking about memorable moments that have taken place in your child’s life this year.  Important achievements, participation in extracurricular activities, specific hobbies, special events, or just memories you never want to forget.

Finally, On Christmas Eve, grab that new pen and start writing all those thoughts down on those blank pages in the special book you selected.  Begin by saying… you accomplished this in school, you were outstanding when you played or participated in that, you loved doing this and you always said that, and be sure to include all those special, ordinary moments you both spent together.  You want to capture the essence of who they are, what they have accomplished, how they have grown, and what makes them so very special.  And always remember and never forget, to end your “this year’s story” by telling them how much they mean to you, how proud you are of them, and how very much they are loved.

On Christmas morning, after all those other ordinary presents are open, read “this year’s story” to your child.  I promise you, it will be the best present this Christmas and every Christmas thereafter.  And now, having created these personalized stories for many years, my children also randomly select a book or two from the past to read and enjoy all those amazing memories I captured again.

This year, I will be giving my children, our story…For Infinity and Beyond.  I hope our story is the one book that speaks to you because of the message it conveys…gratitude, time spent together, and love that lasts for generations…and For Infinity and Beyond.

Whatever book you select, I hope you start this amazing tradition with your family.  It is never too early or too late to give your child the very best Christmas present ever that will last for generations and…For Infinity and Beyond!

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